Smallah means: Arabic Word: Name of God. This is used to see a beautiful object, a baby, or attend a happy occasion. They use it to get rid of the envy effects on the subject. (in Community Dictionary, added by Sulphorous)

What else does Smallah mean?

  • This is an Arabic translation. Interchangeable words for “Smallah” are “hold the envy” or “knock on wooden.” Complexity is what makes “Smallah” so special. It is a family of ideas. “Smallah,” on the other hand, does not show jealousy but only praises. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ephebiatrics)
  • The arabic lebanese expression “make fun of” someone is used by them to make light of their actions. (in Community Dictionary, added by Porter Small)
  • Similar to Mashallah Arabic phrases such as “Mashallah” and “Mash’Allah”, which are used to express appreciation for a person, event or other entity in Arabic, can be translated as “Mashallah” (or “Mash’Allah”) This expression shows respect and reminds us that God can accomplish all things. It is closest translated to English as “God Willed it”. This is used when you hear good news. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jazlynn Henderson)