slonkey means: It’s a mix between a dove and a sloth. (in Community Dictionary, added by Billingsgate)

What else does slonkey mean?

  • A mix of a slut or a donkey. She can get way too drunk and become a vicious slut. Cherry burnetts are her favorite drink. Slonkeys all have annoying voices, and they love yonni K. (in Community Dictionary, added by Sandra Nash)
  • Slong’keh: noun It is a cross between a squirrel and a monkey. This indicates both monkey-like physical characteristics as well as slow-moving qualities that a sloth has. It is not uncommon for people to take too much time doing everyday things like dressing, eating and walking. There are many signs that someone is lazy. These include: walking at an odd pace, stopping abruptly, slowing down and then speeding back up again. Putting one arm through a shirt. Sniffling. Putting the other through a shirt. Eating very messy with a fork while still eating food everywhere. (in Community Dictionary, added by Subtle)