Slippery Gypsy means: A good dancer. You will often find her at clubs, parties and gigs that feature loud music. (in Community Dictionary, added by Romualdo Moya)

What else does Slippery Gypsy mean?

  • A.K.A Ear Cream Pie The penis of a male is seen in the ear canal of a female. Sometimes confused with the Nasal Cream Pie slippery hipster. The Slippery Gypsy is often seen on Valentine’s Day, when an expensive gift for the recipient of the Slippery Gypsy is purchased. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jaelynn Moss)
  • Untrustworthy mexican man. They often dress in rags, and are often unkept. It is not unusual for them to sport mullets. (in Community Dictionary, added by Heather Hurley)