Slam Pig means: A girl with a sexy appearance who enjoys being railed on and makes fun of herself. This species is more content the more they have penis. A great place to look for STDs is between the legs of a Slam Pig. (in Community Dictionary, added by Caiden Schultz)

What else does Slam Pig mean?

  • Slam-pig noun Promiscuous intercourse between a woman and a man. Usually characterized as sex that is sexually promiscuous. This term often refers to a woman who is obese. However, it is actually referring to her glutinous nature and her desire to consume seminal fluid. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ean Levy)
  • A pretty average-looking girl that enjoys random sexual encounters when drunk. This girl loves to get drunk, do sex, and hook up. Because she doesn’t call you constantly and doesn’t annoy your schedule, this girl can be a perfect man’s woman. Instructions to use a slam-pig include talking with her, going after her ass and then getting rid of her. It will be a great experience for her. (in Community Dictionary, added by Catalina Bernard)
  • One girl who is so sexy and has had her fucked so many time that men realise she may have some sort of venereal disease and refuse to get near her. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ellis Bartlett)