Skydiving means: It is a shameful excuse to kill yourself on an “accident”, and make it look like a game. (in Community Dictionary, added by Anderson Velazquez)

What else does Skydiving mean?

  • This is a suicide-like act in which someone jumps from a plane to release a parachutist in the hope that it will lower his descent rate below a threshold of bone-crushing speed before he even touches the ground. (in Community Dictionary, added by Zaiden Casey)
  • A dangerous activity that is viewed as insane or suicidal by many. These people just don’t have the guts to attempt it. (in Community Dictionary, added by Arturo Ramos)
  • A parachute-equipped activity in which one leaps from a plane and plunges thousands of feet. They then open their chute and land on the ground, just like if they were jumping down again from a moving truck at 5 MPH. Results can vary. (in Community Dictionary, added by Madison Anthony)
  • An act of sexual intimacy between a woman who is pregnant and her male partner. While the man is behind her, the woman lies down on her stomach in “skydiving” position. If several men are present, they will kneel around the victim. In either of two holes, the men begin to sexually assault the victim. He pulls away after 30 seconds and turns the woman’s stomach. After spinning for 30 seconds, he pulls out and spins the woman on her stomach. This position can be modified. This is the position where the man to the left of the one who screws the skydiver pushes his cock down on the female’s throat, mimicking the lack oxygen at high altitudes. This is possible only with multiple men. It is possible for flamers also to take part in this event. All that’s required is a pillow or a basketball. (in Community Dictionary, added by Lucas Mora)
  • Skydiving is the act of jumping off an aircraft at heights ranging between 12,000ft to 14,000ft. After freefalling for approximately one minute, a parachute will be deployed at 3,500 feet and then flown to designated landing areas. A device which automatically deploys a parachutist at the right altitude has made skydiving safer. Skydiving can be a challenging sport and is ideal for those who are open-minded, quick thinking and mature. The skydivers can be some of the most joyful and fun-loving people you’ll ever meet, although very few are crazy. People who don’t have the courage or aren’t open-minded about this sport often call it “crazy”. (in Community Dictionary, added by Bryson Richard)