skiv means: My music family and the ruralsuburban musicians of the mid-west used Skiv as money slang. (in Community Dictionary, added by Antoine Krueger)

What else does skiv mean?

  • A skiv. This term is mostly used in England to refer to chavs. Skivs will often wear fake clothes and pretend it’s genuine. They may wear genuine clothIng, but they usually only own one as they have saved all of their benefits money. You’ll see them trying to be strong and getting up for anything. They would often be seen leaving their home with their spouse and 9 children to get extra benefits money. However, you can’t be a skiv without benefits. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ruby Wall)
  • 1. An improvised knife, or cutting-edge made from material available to prisoners. (in Community Dictionary, added by Maryjane Sharp)
  • It is a derogatory term that’s similar to “dirtbag”, “asshole”, and “punk”. Occasional affiliation to people who are the “trailer trash-wigger” common combination. (in Community Dictionary, added by Camryn Kline)
  • Although Skiv can be difficult to define, here are my attempts. Poor hygiene is a sign that someone or more people are trying to portray “Ghetto” or “gangsta” in a particular area of the room. The male side is less shaven, has fewer distinct hairs than a mustache and has a cap tilted sideways. They also smoke and wear a muscle shirt when one is not necessary. Baggy, baggy and raggy pants are also a must. Females are more likely to think that they’re all the guys and have tight white pants stained with nicotine. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jordon Padilla)