skinwalker means: *A person who does not have their foreskin removed. *A person who has foreskin. (in Community Dictionary, added by Antony Yoder)

What else does skinwalker mean?

  • This is my invented slang for a Navajo Tribal legend. This means that I will walk on your skin. It means sexual. (in Community Dictionary, added by Priscilla Giles)
  • An animal with long fangs, which can be elongated and that never grows old after being bitten. Sometimes called vampires. (in Community Dictionary, added by Paula Reynolds)
  • SKINWALKER tells the tale of a Navajo Tribal Police Officer and an ambitious FBI Agent, who work together in order to find a murderer who attempts to take the skins of their victims to make him look like them. (in Community Dictionary, added by Brenton Moyer)
  • NAVAJO WITCH, WHICH TAKES BONES FROM THE DEAD AND USES THEM IN ORDER TO CREATE EVIL HAVOC AMONG PEOPLE THAT IT HATE. Known as WEREWOLVES. But a little different and more secretive. (in Community Dictionary, added by Carolina Harrison)
  • North-American cryptid. A tall and skinny humanoid often described with long limbs, elongated legs and the smell of copper and decay. They are known for being extremely agile and resilient. It is also well-known for being able to imitate other animals. Voices and speech patterns can be used to a certain extent. (in Community Dictionary, added by Esiquio Molina)