Skek means: This is the rightful place for the allmight Skek to correct the wrongs and destroy the world of hate. (in Community Dictionary, added by Cole Fuentes)

What else does Skek mean?

  • South Glens Falls NY. A raspy voice is used to speak, using phrases such as “Oh my god” and “That’s wickedly bad”. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kaylynn Nelson)
  • Princeton N.J. High school, middle ’70s Learning Community. It is important to note that E can be pronounced either in hard or short forms. Skek is a sad occurrence that has a touch of humor. An unfortunate incident, faux pas, ridicules failure. The “rats”, but with a more post-hippiepunk twist. (in Community Dictionary, added by Nicholas Humphrey)
  • Login and username to an anonymous message board for Big Law attorneys from 1999 through 2007. Log in SKEK to access the Yahoo Greedy Associates Boards, and then later the InFirmation Greedy Associates Boards. The community changed the compensation system for law firm associates. There was almost no information sharing back then. This community gave transparency and information about the bonus structure and legal market salaries. Log in was an acronymwordanonymous way for Big Law Associates to connect with one another. This community is responsible for much of today’s transparency. This was almost proof that you had been a member of a brutal club accepting torture from international law firms. Stan Kyle Eric Kenny, the Southpark star is represented by this acronym. (in Community Dictionary, added by Eugene Andersen)
  • A skateboarder who is exceptionally smart. source: wordskateboard + wordgeek = skek. (in Community Dictionary, added by Marvin Bishop)