Skeezy means: A quality that is skeezy or has a dubious source. Skeezy guys are the ones you don’t know where they come from. They tend to be oily used car salesmen. Skeezy girls are likely to be the ones you see at parties or bars, where they’re often found asleep and then, when she awakens, go home with their nearest man. Skeezy objects, including furniture and food, can also be dangerous. Skeezy food is the type that can be completely safe, but smell strange or so disgusting that it’s dangerous that you might die. Skeezy furniture means that it is not safe for bums to sleep in or that is located in areas where people have been known to sexually assault. (in Community Dictionary, added by Avah Prince)

What else does Skeezy mean?

  • Shabby, filthy, and vulgar; it’s tawdry. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kolby Brooks)