Skanting means: This is a prank that allows you to quickly strip naked a man in public. This is the act of removing his pants, swim trunks, or shorts and simultaneously raising his shirt above his head. He lifts his shirt above his head to prevent his arms and hands from pulling down his shorts. This pushes him forward, causing his pants to fall back. Skating is often done in public with the intention of humiliation. Skating is most common in teenage boys and twenty-something men. Skating is more effective if the target is dressed in loose or baggy pants with a shirt or no shirt. A beach is the best location for skanting, as the goal is to get the target nude. The target will not be wearing a shirt at a swimming pool or beach, which makes it easier. It becomes just pantsing. Because skanting is quicker than pantsing, it’s different from skanting. Sometimes, the clothes can be returned immediately. But more often, his clothing are hidden or thrown away, and he is left naked. Sometimes, these acts can be filmed and uploaded to YouTube. (in Community Dictionary, added by Marcel Davis)