skaggle means: An ensemble of three or more skanks. (in Community Dictionary, added by Shelby Mcmillan)

What else does skaggle mean?

  • An assortment of skanks. An assortment of sluty, loose women. (in Community Dictionary, added by Hannah Love)
  • This is a woman who looks like a fraggle and is a skank. (in Community Dictionary, added by Anthony Sandoval)
  • The first time you dip in and destroy the virgin surface of a jar of peanut butter, or any other brand-new item. They used to fight over who got the peanut butter jar. (in Community Dictionary, added by Carmen Jiménez)
  • Skaggle ska gle adj. Skaggle means to refer to someone as a “skaggle”, which is equivalent to calling them a drug addict, pillhead or crackhead. This is a general term for everyday losers, such as the person with the ripped jeans and the child from the alley. It also includes the listrine addict, one-armed pill addict, and the bum with the crotch. . . The list of comparisons could go on and on, but in all equality, a Skaggle is really just that, a Skaggle. To be called a Skaggle without any doubt is one the most basic statements an individual can make. Also known as “Skaggle’n”, or “Skaggling”, which can be used to denote a state of partyintoxication. (in Community Dictionary, added by Fisher Jacobson)
  • Definition of skank: A collection of skanks. (in Community Dictionary, added by Israel Marshall)
  • An impaired walk which imitates rare or endangered birds. see also: skaggle’n. (in Community Dictionary, added by Alfredo Bonilla)