Siv means: The name of a ruler, or a King. Sivs are business-minded people. (in Community Dictionary, added by Averi Cruz)

What else does Siv mean?

  • An acronym for “retard” or someone incapable of processing information at normal speeds. (in Community Dictionary, added by Petronila Serrano)
  • Siv loves to do his homework, and he also enjoys school. (in Community Dictionary, added by Acacio Cabrera)
  • Nordic names that mean wife, bride, or kinship. Siv, or Sif in Norse mythology was the goddess fertility and agriculture. She married Thor. Loke Aasgard was once Loke’s troublemaker, and she cut her hair when she was asleep. Loke was furious and ordered Siv to have a new, gold-colored hair. Loke visited the Dwarves who gave Siv beautiful, new hair made from pure gold. It magically attached to her head, acting as real hair. This made her the best blonde she’s ever seen. Sivs can also be seen in real life as beautiful, blonde Sivs. They are hot, feisty and have the bodies of true goddesses Flirty. Her personality is also extremely independent and intelligent. She has great senses of humor. She also has a great taste in literature, movies, and music. Do I need to mention her superintelligent? (in Community Dictionary, added by Narciso Calvo)
  • This chick loves getting banged. It’s easy to score points with her. This term is a slang term that describes a goalie in hockey who scores a lot of goals. Simcoe Siv also available. (in Community Dictionary, added by Wendy Brock)
  • Actually, it’s pronounced Sieve The sieve, which is actually a filter that has many holes for straining water or liquid from an object, can be described as a filter. This chant goes to the goalie and says that she lets down a lot of goals due to her being a sieve with many holes. The goalie is a suck. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kenzie Carr)
  • Hockey goalie who allows in many goals. (in Community Dictionary, added by Periwinkle)