sitting on the pity potty means: It is the act of attempting to get attention or sympathy. The level of drama used to attain the desired effect will determine the extent to which it happens. This is a method of manipulating people. This usually occurs at a party. This is usually performed by a drama queen, or girl who feels threatened. A second female. 2. Ex-boyfriends of the boyfriends were also present at the event. Pretending to be sick is the first step. The second step is to pretend to be sick. She then waits to go to the toilet to find out how long someone will miss her, preferably her boyfriend. The sitter of the pitypotty will do the following while she is seated on the potty: Be sorry for yourself. 2. Start to ask her about her relationships with boyfriends and close friends at the party. 3. You can be jealous. 4. You may become paranoid. The pity pottysitter may be missed and she will likely be crying in the toilet for an insignificant reason. It will depend on the person who found her. It will take longer for her to be found. These effects will be exacerbated by drugs and alcohol. If nobody tries to find the pity pottysitter, they’ll do either one or two of these things, depending on the story where the bathroom is situated. 1. Enter the party wearing swollen red eyes and a ruddy nose. This will result in an extremely dramatic exit. 2. Do the “locked in the toilet” maneuver. This involves crawling through the windows and entering the party to tell everyone that she is locked in the restroom. Make her boyfriend and friends feel guilty about not coming to her aid or making her feel like a rock star and winning her affection. The bastard boyfriend that didn’t miss the pity pottysitter will face TROUBLE. This could lead to a confrontation which may eventually turn into a means of a pity party. (in Community Dictionary, added by Darwin Tucker)