Sissy means: Manboy who loves to wear girly clothing like overknee socks and panties. (in Community Dictionary, added by Tatiana Thornton)

What else does Sissy mean?

  • This is a degrading term for a woman who wears women’s clothing and prefers being himself over stereotypical men. Most likely has problems with self-image and insecurities. You might appear weak, but they will likely say you should wear it if necessary. (in Community Dictionary, added by Camryn Stanley)
  • An abbreviation used to refer to a homosexual man. 2. A heterosexual woman acting in a feminine manner Commonly used in the southern part of the country. (in Community Dictionary, added by Albert Alonso)
  • A loving word to describe a sister or someone who is considered a sibling. This nickname can refer to someone who is caring, sisterly, kind and sweet. Many transgender people use it as an affectionate term for women who are super sweet, adorable, and girly. They may be interested in it or a kink. It was originally a name for sister, but it became a derogatory term by sexist people who believe that if you are a man you should not be effeminate. (in Community Dictionary, added by Arthur Reilly)
  • A close friend and confidante. A friend you regard as a sister. A person who is always there for you and will not let go of your cause. (in Community Dictionary, added by Veronica Bonilla)
  • Sissy can be a male biological sibling. They are feminine and sluty. While they are often submissive, sissies can also be very affectionate. While most sissies like men, others are interested in women. Some are also Bisexual, Pansexual, or bisexual. They enjoy playing with their sissies. They are often into hypnosis from the hypnofetish group Sissy Hypno. The most well-known of these is a series called BambiSleep which helps them act more like a bimbo. (in Community Dictionary, added by Abdullah Blankenship)
  • A affectionate nickname for a female sibling, derived from the term sister. Sissy can be used to refer to a sibling. A nickname that is given to a girl who has been a sister or cared for her can be sissy. This nickname indicates that the girl is considered a sibling or is respected by her family. A sweet and caring little girl: See sis, sister, girl, male. (in Community Dictionary, added by Sciomancy)
  • A person who is considered timid or cowardly. (in AZ Dictionary)
  • A man or boy viewed as effeminate. (in AZ Dictionary)