side bitch means: If one partner in a committed relationship suspects that the other is unfaithful, they may secretly cheat with another. (in Community Dictionary, added by Thurible)

What else does side bitch mean?

  • This is what she does She is a suck. Most importantly though, she likely doesn’t know anything about your first bitch. (in Community Dictionary, added by Lucas Mora)
  • A Side bitch refers to a woman who isn’t able to find a man and settles for being a fuck. If you choose to be Side bitch, make sure to not get feelings. Also, if you are in the company of Main bitch, do your best to move to the right side. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kenna Duke)
  • A woman who has a sexual or romantic relationship with another women’s spouse or significant other. The “taken” person may be true love. Although the “taken person” may or not reciprocate her feelings, it is clear that she does have a main girl and cheats on her with the female. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kaitlin Carr)
  • A girl friend who is so close to you that she’s willing to fuck you when you are with a woman. Usually, an ex-bestfriendfriend of your girl. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ariel Newman)
  • A girl who isn’t exactly his girl. A man who treats his girl as he would, but doesn’t commit to him. She often feels like crap. (in Community Dictionary, added by Halle Fox)
  • One level higher than a jumpoff, but still one step lower than the wife, husband, or girlfriend. Side bitchs must be able to see their part. He does not receive holiday’s or birthday’s that aren’t his. He may be able to meet you and your family. His family will not meet yours. (in Community Dictionary, added by Irrased)