Sicc means: It means “really awesome” to the most dedicated Xtreme folks. You will be punched in your face if you say Sicc outside of its place. Depending on where you live, you might even get pistolwhipped. Siccc is to be used at your own risk. (in Community Dictionary, added by Fátima Montoro)

What else does Sicc mean?

  • Brotha Lynch Haung from Sacramento Crip, coined the term “sicc” to describe a state in which one is susceptible towards psychosis and paranoia. One can acquire this state, or experience it by smoking high-quality marijuana. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kirsten Davenport)
  • It is similar to terms like bloccsta and locc but with two Cs. (in Community Dictionary, added by Eulalia Cambil)
  • South Florida Rapper signed to black-market records. His music has a skitzophrenic quality due to his many mental problems. He is also famous for refusing freestyling. He was named SiccNicca Sicc and stated that the name originated in Knoxville Tennessee’s mental hospital. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kaley Montgomery)