Shwayze means: A different term for sex. You can use shwayze if you are with family or friends, but not comfortable in sex. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kelsie Harris)

What else does Shwayze mean?

  • The phrase “shwayze” was used to refer to something that is ten times more extraordinary than crazy long before it became ambiguously gay pop group. (in Community Dictionary, added by Brynn Clayton)
  • California rapper who sings slow-rap similar to his hit song Along with many other songs, “Corona and Lime” was also sung by him. He also appeared on reality television. He was also on the reality t.v. “shoe Buzzin” that showed how to become famous. -OR- This is the perfect kind of drunk. You’re charismatic and confident with women, show swagger and have fun. Longwood Highschool, MI,NY. (in Community Dictionary, added by Brenna Ware)
  • To feel good, to be happy, to have everything going your way. This is what Shwayze means. It’s not just because the name refers to proprietary well-being, it’s ironically related to Patrick Swayze. (in Community Dictionary, added by Rebekah Diaz)
  • Malibu, California is home to a new hip hop artist. He is joined by Adler, Cisco and Avalaon. Their hit song, “Buzzin”, is well-known in Socal. They are known for their smooth performance and relaxed beats. Shwayze is a great alternative to the traditional swayze. (in Community Dictionary, added by Allyson Ross)