shut up and color means: This is a reference to the “coloring” activity in kindergarten that involves line art and multicolor crayons. Coloring can often lead to a zombie-like obsession with the task at hand, and then a complete obliviousness about the outside world while he or she bravely tries to follow the lines. 2. direct command. Implicit a concise and economical verbal jab to the receiver end. It informs them to–in this order–a step to the fuckoff, to b shut up and to c take care of their goddamn affairs without having to actually use profanity. As with almost every 4-word command, you may come across the acronym “SUAC” or the shorthand version. 2. An adjective can also be used to denote a behavior, nature or policy of willful ignorance. To turn a blind ear to someone. (in Community Dictionary, added by Bruno Keith)