shreddology means: 1. You should not fret about the opinions of the pros, but you need to trust your gut and feel good. If the boots are comfortable, then buy them. You must not give specifics. 3 You must not take your brother’s gear. 4 Thou shall wear protections, even in horizontal. 5 You must not harm, maim, or kill others because they’re inexperienced, or lack control. 6 Honor shall be given to those who are more experienced or learning. Respect is required 7 You must show respect to your brother at the park. 8 You must not pose for photos. 9 Your ski resort will not be defiled by garbage. 10th You must not ski The religion of snowboarders. (in Community Dictionary, added by Deja Gamble)

What else does shreddology mean?

  • Six bodyfat is the threshold to a belief of transcendence from life and into heaven. The shredder is overwhelmed by a complete sense of achievement and euphoria, which almost transcends all human emotions. (in Community Dictionary, added by Gavyn Mcmahon)