shottie means: This is a type of bong that you can make at home. A vessel containing water with a mouthpiece, and an optional ‘cartridge” removable. A ‘cartridge is a tube made of metal or glass that has been inserted at an angle into the vessel, just below the water line. This ‘cartridge is then packed. We mean that you pack a piece of tobacco, followed by powdered or coarsely chopped cannabis. After inserting the cartridge to the container, the toker pulls on its mouthpiece to light the cigarettes. The cartridge ‘pops’ and is removed. This, the author should note has an important effect on sobriety. Although the West Country, including Somerset and Devon is where the shotties originated, its use was documented as far as London and North West England. Also see bong toke. (in Community Dictionary, added by Anne Blankenship)