shotacon means: This is what Japanesse refers to as people who are sexually attracted to young boys similar to lolicon, and they are also known as Big Titty Oneesan. Shotacons are usually young females between the ages of 17 and 30. They have big boobs, and smile at their prey while they hunt it. (in Community Dictionary, added by Shyla Hogan)

What else does shotacon mean?

  • Shotacon refers to a person who loves or is attracted by shota. Shota are young boys, typically aged between 5-15. (in Community Dictionary, added by Vomitory)
  • Manga and anime that are geared towards underage boys between 6-12 years old. Shotacon or Shota is directed towards a female audience and revolves around a Yaoi plot. Although most Shota has been banned from websites, it is still legal in Japan. Loli refers to Shota’s female version. (in Community Dictionary, added by Mia Mcneil)
  • In fanfictionart it is commonly known as “yaoi” or “yaoi”. A pair in which a young, under-aged man engages in sexual acts. In Japanese, it stands for Shotaru Complex. Click shotaru. (in Community Dictionary, added by Raven Waller)