Shoosh means: In take of breath. You can also use this word in the following other forms: 1 Shooshi 2 Shoosha Originated from Kashmir, India. This is often used to refer to a person or as a pet name. A noun. This noun is used as a preposition. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kyla Mcintyre)

What else does Shoosh mean?

  • It is used to request someone’s silence. Commonly misunderstood for “shush”, they actually mean the exact same thing. Also can be used to refer to the making of another person quiet. (in Community Dictionary, added by Lena Cervantes)
  • An expression of excitement used to emphasise a sentence. (in Community Dictionary, added by Laney Gould)
  • These definitions are listed according to the most commonly used order. 1. verb. 1. verb. A person who is unable to speak or silences another. A command to someone to silence. Also see: Shut up. 2. verb. 2. verb. To inform or brush away someone or something or to send it away. Variation on shoo 3. Explative. A shock expression. A shock expression. 4. Noun. Also known as the “Secret Society of Shoosh” A group of friends that began to meet up for mock ceremonies and meetings, usually prior or after weddings. Many new terms have been added to their vocabulary, including yurl Oh Yurla and shoosh, the verb. 5. Verb. Salutation The word “Hail” is a synonym. A hailing someone means to exclaim enthusiastically, salute, or greet them. Members of the Shoosh society, named after it, use Shoosh similarly. The word “shoosh”, which was previously defined as “be still”, became “Shoosh”. So, it is now a substitute for “Hail”. (in Community Dictionary, added by Mario Blesa)
  • The polymerized hashish is a super-hash and potent hashish, which uses precipitation and ionization to isolate terpenes-alcohols. Pincourt in Quebec, Canada. This was invented for patients who want to remove carbon fibers from the smoke and make it less tart. Its name Shoosh comes from the huge bubbling crackling sound it makes when it’s smoked. Shoosh Listen. (in Community Dictionary, added by Elisa Gallego)