shnug means: It is a beautiful creature that can be imagined and coveted by almost everyone in the world. They are rare, and they require two shnugs to get to know each other. Two shnugs can fall in love instantly and find their soulmate. The shnug relationship is strong and unbreakable. (in Community Dictionary, added by César Campos)

What else does shnug mean?

  • ShnugShort NugA was founded by two students at college to revisit the designs of ancient symbols and create a new type of clothing. Although the word was originally meant to be used as a Short Nugdime bag or dub, it has since evolved into so many other things. (in Community Dictionary, added by Caitlin Mercer)
  • This is the word that a girl aged high school created in 2008 and which can be used as a joke to replace any word in English. Your interpretation is yours. It is used to describe a person and to replace the words shit, fuck, or darnit. This word can be used to refer to people, such as a snug or hey katie. (in Community Dictionary, added by Sheldon Bennett)
  • This rug looks like a shnet and is disgusting. The ruins are often crawled by small insects and animals. (in Community Dictionary, added by Alannah Bryan)
  • Hugs that are very tender and affectionate. (in Community Dictionary, added by Caitlin Castro)