shneeb means: This is the sexiest loser that you have ever seen. His height is typically 1 ft.1 in. His hair is usually a big bowl. Although he thinks he’s smart, he cheats on Raegan when he speaks Spanish. But he will never find a beautiful girl to pursue his dreams. She will not find him. Shneeb may be funny and kind, but no one will ever find out. (in Community Dictionary, added by Felipe León)

What else does shneeb mean?

  • It is the flesh between your shaft’s beginning and your top scrotum. When erect, it looks like a turkey neck. (in Community Dictionary, added by Santos Kirk)
  • It is important to know the meaning of this word. I have known it for six months. It is defined as weed in Ireland. But it can also mean many other things. The word can also refer to grass or toilet. Allie is the most useful and common term. This magical word is only one can use. There are many definitions and tag-along letters for it, including: shneebiet, shoneebalomi, shoneebaliybye, shneebaliybye, shneebilise, shneeb kong. The magic word, shneeb, will become more than just marijuana in Ireland. It will also be used three times or more in sentences by every person on Earth. Shneeb will continue to live. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jonas Camacho)
  • The term Shneeb is a name for the magical drug weed. It was created by the most renowned weed smokers of England. You can only use it in remote areas of West Yorkshireshire, where you will find the best green. (in Community Dictionary, added by Arthur Cole)
  • When you say that you want to smoke weed, “smoke”, is the code word. (in Community Dictionary, added by Leonardo Marín)