Shim Sham means: A term that refers to sexual intercourse. It is usually used as an indirect noun. (in Community Dictionary, added by Janelle Ray)

What else does Shim Sham mean?

  • Half-ased operations (in Community Dictionary, added by Kailee Rice)
  • It is a word that asks a person to follow your lead. It means asking someone if they understand what you’re saying. If they get you. They GET IT Origination:SHee IM SHAyiNg Pronounced: SHIM-SHAM Synonyms for Yameen (in Community Dictionary, added by Triplex_Zephyr)
  • 1. Outdoorindoor summertime party with over 50 people. All lights are on in the house and doors and windows open. You will also find plenty of alcohol and loud jazz music. 2. In the 1920s and 1930s, after many performances ended, musicians, singers and dancers would all gather on the stage to do one final routine, the “shim sham”. While tap dancers performed technical variations, musicians and singers would just shuffle as best they could. “. (in Community Dictionary, added by Madelynn Alvarado)