sherm means: Strange assnigga. (in Community Dictionary, added by Casimiro Durán)

What else does sherm mean?

  • One cigarette that has been dipped into liquid PhencyclidinePCP. People who dip their cigarettes in formaldehyde are often confused by the slang for liquid PCP. It is not recommended to use real embalming liquid. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ruth Caldwell)
  • A cigarette dipped in PCP. A solvent organic like formaldhyde may be used to extract the PCP. This allows for repeated dips. The PCP high can be referred to by smoking embalming fluid or sherming. PCP is often confused with formaldhyde smoking. Gang-related activities are often associated with sherm. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ruth Woodward)
  • The dipping of a cigarette, or joint in Phencyclidine (also known as PCP), into which the vapor is then produced. Original origins of the name “sherm” were people who dipped Nat Sherman cigarettes in liquid PCP. You can get PCP in either liquid or white powder form. The latter is known as “embalming oil.” Many people are confused about the practice of dip smoking cigarettes in “embalming liquid”, leading to some believing that it may be real embalming oil. Intoxication from smoking formaldehyde can lead to intoxication and could have serious consequences for your health beyond that of using PCP. (in Community Dictionary, added by Crook)
  • This could be your soft, pussy or fake, as well as just being weak. Originating from South St. Petersburg, Florida, it was mainly used by black men of all ages. (in Community Dictionary, added by Barbate)
  • Mixing tobacco with marijuana, and then dipped into PCP. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kira Obrien)