Shekinah means: You will meet the most caring person you ever meet. Even if there is no reason, he will smile and make you laugh. Do not let his beautiful side-eyes fool you. Once you get to know him you will be amazed at how kind and caring he truly is. His perfection can be described as his epitome. Shekinah is the only person who can make you feel loved more than anyone else. Because he’s unique, he can’t be duplicated. He is beautiful inside and outside. You can trust him to be your peace. (in Community Dictionary, added by Corey Henry)

What else does Shekinah mean?

  • Shekinah represents the manifestation of God’s glory. Shekinah shines in all the darkness. She’s articulate, confident, and straightforward. She is passionate about everything she loves, and loyal. To help those in need, she gives her all. She is a seeker of wisdom and seeks to understand. Although she is not perfect, she trusts in the Holy Spirit to guide her to be an honest representation of God’s name. (in Community Dictionary, added by Thomas Nicholson)
  • He is a favorite of girls and he’s a dream for guys. He is a total goofball, looks great, and has a contagious smile. Is a lover of sneakers, God and his family. Every hip-hop song exists. Driven and passionate. He lives his life in his head but does no harm. This makes a great boyfriend or friend. Get one. (in Community Dictionary, added by Gauge Stephenson)
  • Her friend is the greatest. She’s a true goddess, super cute, and truly a great friend. Because she is such an amazing friend, Roy Mann’s students want her to be more than just friends. (in Community Dictionary, added by Logan Browning)
  • The woman who is God’s. One of the most funny people in the entire world. You will be the talk of the town and she’ll brighten up your day. Although she may seem shy initially, you’ll soon get to know her quirky side. Her beauty is stunning and she has an open heart. She is loyal, trustworthy, beautiful, hilarious, wild, intelligent, smart and trustworthy. She is the best friend you could ask for. (in Community Dictionary, added by Frogman)
  • Shekinah is kind, caring, and lovely. She is likely an Aries because she has lots of anger, but is also filled with love. She has beautiful features, and is considered a sign from God. Shekinah would be a great friend, best friend, or girlfriend. She will be loyal in a relationship and will always have your back and if you broke her heart she the kind to cut you outta her life so be be faithful,loving,caring and loyal to her since she deserves it. (in Community Dictionary, added by Fez)
  • Hebrew, thought to be YawehGod’s female counterpart; goddess of heavenly feminity and heavenly beauty. (in Community Dictionary, added by Basileo Gallego)