Sheem means: Nearby gym. (in Community Dictionary, added by Tori Gay)

What else does Sheem mean?

  • It’s the same as gettingtin mold but you have to know how it works. You could also like Meesh, a little cookiez. (in Community Dictionary, added by Rhys Wall)
  • The turd has been slightly flattened by toddlers’ diaper pressure or their undies. A sheem, in essence, is covered-up poop which has then been squished. The sheemer will often be reluctant to admit that he is carrying some weight, possibly because he is in the middle of potty training or doesn’t want the burden to go. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kale Rhodes)
  • This is a very old term that older men use to rate women. A man would rate a woman from one to forty if he saw her. A sheem is 40, or 38-two. A sheem, in other words, is an exquisite woman who has the best of both worlds. (in Community Dictionary, added by Lillian Campos)