shecock means: A. A. B. An arrogant, naive prick that always believes he’s right C. Mooch. (in Community Dictionary, added by Noelia Hernández)

What else does shecock mean?

  • Similar to peacock, but women are not included. A woman acting like a fruit fly can be described using this term. She commits actions with gay men that she has not met, but she would not do it with straight men she’s known for many years. (in Community Dictionary, added by Lilian Reynolds)
  • The penis was found in the female’s legs, just above her vulva. She doesn’t actually have a vagina. Instead, there is a prominent penis that sticks out from a narrow slit. (in Community Dictionary, added by Curmurring)
  • This cock, which is a penis on a transsexual female is extremely feminine. In this case, a penis is part of male to female transsexuals’ feminine identity and is therefore female in terms of chromosomal sexual ie. Not in terms of gender identity, but xx and xy. Transsexual transgender women may lose their ability to ejaculate or become erect through hormone therapy. However, the function of the penis is not related to whether it’s a “shecock”. “. (in Community Dictionary, added by Amina Andrews)