shaytards means: Shay Carl created a youtube channel. Shay Carl created this channel. It features Shay’s humorous and playful videosvideo logs. (in Community Dictionary, added by Marina Hart)

What else does shaytards mean?

  • The idea was born in March 2009, when Shaycarl (a Youtube celebrity) decided to upload a video every day for his 29th birthday on Shaytard. A year turned into nearly 2. His wife Katilette Mommytard (son Sontard 7, Rocktard 5, and Babytard 6 months respectively), and the vlogs are his “star”. They have their children, Sontard and Rocktard (7 years old), Princesstard (5 years) and Babytard (3 years). Malachi, James Blunt’s dog, was featured recently on the cover. Katilette and Shay decided not to call their children their actual names out of respect for privacy. However, they do occasionally slip in, which they don’t make much of. Shay, his family, lived in Los Angeles, CA, for most of the first year. They moved back home to Idaho to have Rocktard. Shay now commutes to LA to work for “The Station”, another Youtube channel. Shaytards have currently 671,763 subscribers and growing. They are currently the 31st most subscribed channel on YouTube and the 13th most popular comedian channel. Because of Shay’s obsession with unitards, Shay created “tard”. (in Community Dictionary, added by Mariana Adams)
  • In March 2009 Shay was complaining to his viewers that he didn’t post videos as often and he began feeling guilty. He decided that he’d post one video every day for a month as a punishment. If he didn’t, Shaycarl would be deleted. The year was over. It was then every day. We learn a lot about the Tards by watching these videos. Shay is married to Katilette, also known as mommytard. They have four children. Katilette and Shay do not reveal their children’s names for security reasons. They give them “tard” names. Sontard is the oldest of their three children. He is six years old, five-year old Princesstard and three-year old Babytard. The newest addition is two months old Rocktard. Malachi is their dog. Many people have made these videos a part of their daily routine and everyday life. Some of their videos dealt with very serious matters, such as Princesstard’s realization that she would die one day. Rocktard’s birth. They are close and we have seen them laugh, cry, and scream. But what makes them stand out from other families? Their laughter and fun are infectious and their love for each other is unmatched. (in Community Dictionary, added by Demócrito Romero)