Sharmaine means: Beautiful, beautiful and very sexy. She has a huge booty and is incredibly sweet. She loves guys with a nice personality and are very hot. She falls in love one time. She is a beautiful angel. Men compliment her. Sometimes she can be very hurtful and act like a bitch. The Latin word Sharmaine means “beautiful spirit”. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kamryn Shannon)

What else does Sharmaine mean?

  • This is a very sweet girl with a large booty and cute smile. 3. (in Community Dictionary, added by Astraphobia)
  • Pretty and elegant girl. Her voice is amazing and she loves her friends very much. She likes sweet, hot guys. She is a bitch who can become your best friend and can even be the most sexy. Sharmaine is a latin name that means “beautiful spirit”. Although not too outgoing, Sharmaine loves to sleepover. Girl with poise and charm. A girl who is very fiesty, and dislikes drama. (in Community Dictionary, added by Luca Tapia)
  • A highly intelligent human being with vivid imagination. She subtly tricks people to her advantage. Can sing like an angel, and confides only in her closest friends. A bit more introverted than extrovert, and can only become violent when necessary. (in Community Dictionary, added by Montserrat León)