shark week means: This is the week that a female person goes through menstruation. This is because the brain of a shark, which has remarkably similar characteristics to the female uterus, came into play. (in Community Dictionary, added by Nicodemo Gómez)

What else does shark week mean?

  • Week of the much-dreaded menstral cycles or periods In public, I use tampons and pads for girls who need them The blood is what makes the shark parts of the body. The week is a good part. It lasts a week. (in Community Dictionary, added by Fatima Wagner)
  • Shark WEEK is the name given to a girl’s monthly period. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jessica Frederick)
  • Shark Week – This term is used by male to female trans people to decrease dysphoria caused by the use of period. It’s gendered as a feminine experience. (in Community Dictionary, added by Clarissa Oconnor)
  • Everybody pretends they are watching the Discovery Channel’s annual Shark Week. They then make sure their friends see it by posting stupid crap e.g. You can find status updates on Facebook all over the Internet. Shark Week doesn’t usually occur until everyone is there. This happens because nobody really cares about sharks during any week other than Shark Week. This is a show everyone watches to be cool. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jovany Jimenez)
  • Your best week. (in Community Dictionary, added by Cyrus Giles)
  • A woman’s week of menstruation. (in Community Dictionary, added by Roderick Pittman)