shahram means: Farsi is a Persian word that means a handsome, cool person. (in Community Dictionary, added by Nia Mclaughlin)

What else does shahram mean?

  • He loves to stroke and touch the skin of people. He’s very gay, and will dive when someone touches his soccer ball. His gay boyfriend is also a human bird nest. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ezekiel Tran)
  • The loyal subjects of King, the man who is his king popular Iranian male name The previous definition of “doe” given by an anonymous poster is incorrect. (in Community Dictionary, added by Naima Gordon)
  • Persian Farsi and Parsi are Iranian words for Doe Female Deer. Shah-rum A persian Parsi, Farsi, Iranian male given name. It is composed of two parts. “Shah”+”ram”. Shah means “Shah”, which is king, and “ram” refers to Doe female Deer. King of the doe. A perfect, omniscient and omnipotent Being who is the ruler of beauty and excellence. A strong, attractive male who is loved deeply by intelligent and mature females. People named Shahram are more loved by women than men and are admired by them. Shahram is a person who can be described as a leader, kind-hearted, caring, and sharp. These people know what they are looking for in life, and they can achieve all their goals. Shahram is most likely to be sensitive to detail and will notice every tiny thing they see. They can sometimes read too much. They are very open-minded and have great friendships. They are very honest and have an open heart. They could make hell their home in times of madness but they always ensure that it is justifiable. Their cool temperament is matched by their patience and kindness. Shahram is not known for being angry or frustrated. A loyal, almost royal type of person. Their unique appreciation of life and their taste for it is unmatched. You need someone to look out for your best interests. Shahram is a person who wants to be a world-class, happy, and more. (in Community Dictionary, added by Eusebio Delgado)