Shabong means: It means “okay”, or you don’t have anything else to say when you are pissed. (in Community Dictionary, added by Orestes Montoro)

What else does Shabong mean?

  • If you Shabong your opponent in street fighting, the law of streetfighting states that you win if you do so first. Shabong is the use of a bong to smash your opponent’s face and inject hash into their eyes. You then shout “Shabong”, and you are declared street champion. (in Community Dictionary, added by Cándida Ramos)
  • Retard Irish Women (in Community Dictionary, added by Laura Cuevas)
  • A shabong, which is an Atlanta term for a waterpipe used to smoke Meth, comes from the Atlanta-based term chalet. The shabong is known for its ability to make huge rips similar to the traditional marijuana bong. The shabong also has many other benefits, including: One can infuse the water with Meth making it the ultimate booty bump. Or, you can dry the water into crystals. 2. The cooling action of water renders it nearly impossible to inhale a vapor with a bad taste or burnt smell. A shabong is typically made of a bent chalet and either a traditional bong body or a makeshift body. Sometimes, a plastic container will suffice. (in Community Dictionary, added by Fermín Rodríguez)
  • Another name for the steamroller. A long, cylindrical glass tube that has a bowl at the center and an open end on the other. When smoking, cover the ends and then let your hands clear. (in Community Dictionary, added by Russell Bowman)