Sexuality means: Many sexualities exist. Some of them are: Heterosexuality Attracted to the other gender Homosexuality Attracted to the same gender. Lesbian is a woman who is homosexual, but gay could be used to refer to any gender. Bisexuality Attracted to two genders? Usually, both women and men. Pansexuality If your attraction transcends the gender of another person. Transgender, binary and other types of attraction. Sexuality If you don’t feel any sexual attraction. All of these are real sexualities. Pansexuals are not the same as bisexual. Those who claim that you can’t be asexual because you haven’t been born yet, or even that you don’t exist, are simply wrong. This is like saying that the sun doesn’t exist. (in Community Dictionary, added by Faith Warner)

What else does Sexuality mean?

  • You are not born with sexuality. It is a part of your DNA. Only you know what your sexuality is because no one else can. Some people believe that heterosexuality is a sign of abnormality or disease. However, this belief does not hold true. People should respect your sexuality, heterosexual or homosexual. People who don’t accept transgender, homosexual or bisexul people simply fear change. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kaley Wheeler)
  • A sexual quality, including sexual orientation or behavior. (in AZ Dictionary)
  • An act of sexual intimacy or engagement in sexual activity. (in AZ Dictionary)
  • A condition that allows you to be divided into two sexes, or reproduce sexually. (in AZ Dictionary)