Sethramoth means: An entity that looks like a moth and is thought to combine the old god Seth with Ra. (in Community Dictionary, added by Zeugma)

What else does Sethramoth mean?

  • Sethramoth is a combination of the three ancient Egyptian gods Seth, Ra, and Osiris. Ra may have been capable of combining with other Gods in order to make a stronger god. Seth, the strongest Evil God at the time, was Seth. Ancient Egyptians believed the moth represented the soul and was the symbol or carrier of that soul. The symbol of the soul’s journey from this world to another was the Moth, Isis (or Osiris) in ancient Egypt. Seth was a brother to Osiris. Also, the moth was considered to be the sign of death and disaster coming or forbearer. Sethramoth refers to the moth-like being that results from the combination of Seth, Ra, and Osiris – creating the most sinister beings the world has ever known. (in Community Dictionary, added by Xiomara Waters)