Serial Pest means: 1. A persistent, harmless, fan. An individual who has become a well-known member of an organization or department due to their constant appearances, helping, suggesting ideas, and showing a healthy interest in the work being done. The person is not officially connected to the company, but seems more loyal than other employees. Good serial pests will be able to find your boss’s email address. 2. An addict to public pranks, and regularly appears in the media for it. (in Community Dictionary, added by Gauge Gill)

What else does Serial Pest mean?

  • Serial pests are people or things that bug a team, or users in an office. The management type of serial pests is often the bright-colored, tuxedo-clad types who wear brightly colored shirts while wearing a smartphone to their ears. In an attempt to slow down their work, they often pester other users or teams. (in Community Dictionary, added by Guillermo Martín)