Selene means: Selene can be shy when first meeting her, but she becomes a very outgoing and open-minded person once she gets to know you. Selene is loyal and lovable. Selene, who is very loyal to her friends, will bend the men that attempt to get at them if they really love her. Brunette has hazel eyes and can sometimes alter her color. (in Community Dictionary, added by Lino Gómez)

What else does Selene mean?

  • Selene, moon goddess. Selene, the moon goddess, is persistent and determined. She’s also calm and secure-loving, jealous, and possessive. Selene loves art, making lovers, and luxuries. Selene is a natural talent. She also enjoys music, so beauty can’t resist anything ugly or sinister. Selene is reliable and methodical, ambitious, and will obey their superiors. (in Community Dictionary, added by Fulgencio Méndez)
  • Selene is one of the most stunning girls to walk on Earth. She has a unique power with her eyes that allows her to underdress you. She is graceful and poised. She is the kind of girl that you can count on to be a great time. She loves to laugh and is trustworthy. She is competitive and picky, but it just means she knows exactly what she wants. She’s an avid tryer of new things. She is very affectionate and enjoys the little things in life. She has an untapped wild side that few people ever see. She is a great example of how to satisfy others. She’s very approachable, and loves to help her neighbors. She is passionate about her goals and will do anything to reach them. Most people will agree that she is a trophy spouse. She’s the complete package and loves sundays spent watching sports. She can play most of them and loves to cook. Selenes can also be very imaginative and can get a little kinky when they’re in bed. Selenes can be a very well-rounded individual and people love having them in their lives. (in Community Dictionary, added by Diana Dennis)