sedity means: AdverbadjectiveA mixture of stupid and dirty. Root phrase: “so filthy.” “. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jaxson Dyer)

What else does sedity mean?

  • The Oxford American Dictionaries describes it as “seditious”, which is: Inciting people or encouraging them to rebel against the authority or monarchy of a country or state: The letter was declared seditious. ORIGIN Late Middle English, in the sense of violent strife – from Old French or Latin sedition-. (in Community Dictionary, added by Dimas Gómez)
  • Adjective. 1. It is to think highly about oneself and not consider others. 2. To believe you’re more important than others, and to think that your worth is all that matters. 3. Uppity, high maintenance Merriam-Webster’s root noun “sedition”, which Merriam-Webster describes as an “incitement to resistance or insurrection towards lawful authority”, der “sedition” root. (in Community Dictionary, added by Paradiastole)
  • You are a fool to think you’re better than the rest. (in Community Dictionary, added by Nikolas Nixon)