Secret Internet Fatty means: A secret internet fat is often known as SIF. They post photos of themselves to social media sites, which are intentionally shot in order to hide their weight. A combination of the following are classic examples. Close-up shots of the head and/or face Extremely high and overhead angles for cameras Low-key lighting, and possible image manipulation. As a secondary deception, women often expose their cleavages or use boobnosis. Most men are prone to booblevision. They don’t stop to think about the possibility that their SIF could shrink by one-three WHOLE bra cups if they lose excess fat. The once outstanding bust line would be lost if they went from an A to a D cup. A woman writer said, in the same vein, that a six-inch size would allow her to wear her favorite jeans. A size 14 gives me the bust I always wanted back in high school. That’s it! Two basic types of secret internet fatties exist: those who are looking to lose weight and those who don’t want to do the hard work. Star Jones is the poster child. For the second group, I recommend that you have your thyroid checked by a doctor who is knowledgeable about nutrition. He or she should also consider naturopathic treatments. To ensure proper nutrition absorption, eat a variety of low-calorie and medium-calorie food. You will need to work harder if you are genetically impaired by the DNA of your family. While surgery may be possible, regular exercise is the best option. The second group, I’m asking, are you fooling anyone? Jeff Foxworthy said about Spandex-clad large women that “if your bottom looks like two raccoons wrangling in a 50 pound sack full of feed, then you’re not ‘juicy”. (in Community Dictionary, added by Shayla Rowe)