Seattle Snorkeler means: Put one end of the snorkel in the girl’s pussy. The other end of the snorkel can be used to cumin it, and blown into. (in Community Dictionary, added by Sienna Meyers)

What else does Seattle Snorkeler mean?

  • The woman drags a man onto the snorkel, until it is full of substantial amounts of semen. The man then inserts the snorkel in her vaginaanus. The cum is then launched into his vaginaanus by him blowing into its mouthpiece. (in Community Dictionary, added by Celsitude)
  • One person places the snorkel’s breathing end into their mouth when they are in the shower. One person puts the breathing end of the snorkel into the mouth of the other and then spits it in their rectum. It can be done with human centipedes. You get bonus points for both of you wearing goggles. The Crew and KYR SP33DY’s favourite late-night activity. (in Community Dictionary, added by Cailyn Garrett)
  • When you go into hyperspeed mode while giving a rimjob or just licking out someone, the Seattle Snorkeler will then enter vaginal or anus blowing bubbles out of your mouth. (in Community Dictionary, added by Pranav Cortez)