Scraggler means: Nounverbadjective People who behave and act like homeless vagrants are often shot. Participating in criminal activities. This includes Theft. Meth. Heroin. Hoeing trash digging. Panhandling. Living in the streets or cars is common. The most skilled scragglers may form groups under bridges or riverbeds. They will often make and follow their own scraggle laws. These laws should not be taken lightly. They have their own song and dance, the Scraggle Waggleis. These songs are often performed in the nation capital and birthplace of scraggly people. They are frequently disgusted at the non-scragglers of Ventura County. Scraggle should not be confused with straggleverb 1: To wander away from the straight course or route 2: To trail off from other members of its type Scraggler ing verb, noun, adjective. (in Community Dictionary, added by Dayana Hunter)

What else does Scraggler mean?

  • This one is for the guys. Scagglers are when your pubes or balls are shaved and left with a few fully formed pubes. This is the extra long and curly version. The one you know. (in Community Dictionary, added by Inés Cortés)
  • A person who wanders alone, or someone who wonders around by himself. An individual who is completely alone. (in Community Dictionary, added by Tanner Atkins)
  • A person who begs is always poor and unemployed. Never employed, always appears to be in debt. (in Community Dictionary, added by Fermín Rodríguez)
  • A person who is “lagging” or extremely slow. “. (in Community Dictionary, added by Darion Russell)
  • Bimbo with a blonde hair who is late. (in Community Dictionary, added by Tabitha Huang)