schwa means: One person who can laugh like Blanche Barrow in the film ‘Bonnie and Clyde. Blanche Barrow, the actress who played Blanche won that year’s best supporting actress award. In her honor, the schwa shouts “Heh, heh, heh!” in a similar manner. (in Community Dictionary, added by Lance Foster)

What else does schwa mean?

  • N. An object which has been taken by someone, and shoved into their pants. It is lost forever. (in Community Dictionary, added by Franklin Hurley)
  • An “neutral” vowel is one that sounds similar to the sound of the “uh”, at the beginning “about”. It’s represented in dictionaries by an upside down lower-case “e”. (in Community Dictionary, added by Marvin Bishop)
  • 1. Expressing excitement or extreme joy. 2 Recognition of someone who has welcomed you or an acknowledgment in its own right. 3. A relaxed state of mind. 4 The dictionary uses a neural vowel sound, which is represented as a lowercase letter “e”, rotated 180° counterclockwise. __ Hashmeer, of Group X used the expression “Shiggity shiggity schwa” to create slang. Jager of The Hoodlums, Upstate New York began using Schwa in an everyday context. (in Community Dictionary, added by Amaro Peña)
  • You will always find the upside-down symbol “e” in dictionary pronunciation guides. Pronounced as “uh” and “ih”. (in Community Dictionary, added by Uriel Hardy)
  • An English final vowel. It is a mid-central neutral vowel that occurs in unstressed syllables. sofa. (in AZ Dictionary)
  • At was used as a symbol for an unstressed neutral vowel. In some phonetic transcription systems, it also represented a stressed middle-central vowel. but. (in AZ Dictionary)