Schmitten means: You should have an interest in your opposite gender until your friends are aware of it. But don’t tell your friends. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kyla Mcintyre)

What else does Schmitten mean?

  • This is a scary game in which everyone goes missing. (in Community Dictionary, added by Adrienne Reilly)
  • This term is used to describe nerdy couple usually during their teens. This is most often related to people who share similar interests such as painting, woodfoam sword fighting, paintball and technology. Instant Messenger is a popular way for couples to communicate with each other and to share important information. This word is derived from “smitten”. (in Community Dictionary, added by Elizabeth Wallace)
  • Boygirl who enjoys playing fortnite in her dark and sweaty cave. His love of gaming is easily misunderstood for a mole rat naked with a shlid. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ayden Gray)