schmeeb means: You wouldn’t want to take a guy home with you to see your mom. These guys are often found at bars and used to have a 1-night-stand. (in Community Dictionary, added by Nikolas Sandoval)

What else does schmeeb mean?

  • Any inanimate object, e.g. A rock, crushed beer container, lighter, or other inanimate object. A handy tool for a bunch of drunks during a party. In the end, the “schmeeb”, which is the name of the drinking game in which one player holds the schmeeb and another takes it away, becomes the “schmeeb”. This is how the exchange works: Player 1: This is a schmeeb. Player 2: A what? Player 1: “A schmeeb.” Player 2: Every part of this exchange is critical, even the thank you. After the exchange above, Player 2 gives the schmeeb back to another player. The questionanswer is returned to Player 1. Player 2: This is a schmeeb. Player 3: “A What” Player 2: Player 1’s “A What” Player 1: Player 2: Player 3: Player 4: Player 5: Player 6 Player 2: Player 3’s “A schmeeb”. Player 3: The game goes on ad infinitum, or ad nauseam depending on your level of alcohol consumption. Each player will hand the schmeeb off to another player. There will be repeated exchanges with different players at various points along the chain, which can make it tricky. When the chain has been broken, the round is over. A player fails to remember the questionanswer order or the recipient forgot “Thank You” – this happens frequently and both parties must drink their beer. The player who has lost the order of questionanswers or forgot to say “Thank you” must finish his beer. (in Community Dictionary, added by Zoe Livingston)
  • One breast for the female breast (in Community Dictionary, added by Daniella Heath)
  • The male breast and nipple Sometimes used to cause pain to a friend. (in Community Dictionary, added by Cason Hurley)