Scemo means: To start, I want to mention that labels can be used for describing how someone dresses. There are many styles of punk, goth and emo clothing so you don’t have to worry about people asking you where you fit in the scene. I consider a scemo someone with the characteristics of an emo, either quiet, introverted and sensitive or emotional, emotional, pessimistic or emotive, creative, or optimistic, cheerful, bright, spontaneous, confident, different or extroverted. People will often have both, so it is possible to be categorized as “scemo”. If you wear both of these traits, you can make yourself stand out. Conversation, band shirts, neon skinny jeans and black eyeliner. Candy bracelets. Emos are free to dress as they like, and scene children can do the same. You don’t have to choose one style if you want to live a certain lifestyle. Ask them. (in Community Dictionary, added by Cocksure)

What else does Scemo mean?

  • One who can be considered sceneemo If you are wearing: Skinny Jeans, it’s possible to be that person. The Tight Band t If you listen to screamoPostHardcoreTrance bands no has ever heard of HotTopic ALOT – Shop Now Get facial piercings. (in Community Dictionary, added by Chase Berg)
  • It’s a combination of “scene”, and “emo”. Scene kids may act emo just because it’s “cool,” but true emo children have problems…or at least pretend so. The scemo children are prone to be emo and make outrageously happy or preppy decisions whenever it suits them. Many scemos have a strong social life. These individuals have been described as bipolar by some. (in Community Dictionary, added by Lizbeth Sawyer)
  • Combination of EMO and SCENE children (in Community Dictionary, added by Lorelei Mills)
  • For those who can’t decide which one to choose, this mix of scene and emo is for you. It is normal to envy the awesomeness of scemos. Sometimes they wear black clothes, like the emos. Other times they may be dressed in a lot of colors like scene children. They choose what suits their mood. (in Community Dictionary, added by Bruno Gil)
  • Scemo can be described as a mixture of scene and emo. (in Community Dictionary, added by Josafat Soto)