scalvage means: Combination of salvage and scavenge of an object. It can be used to refer to a relationship. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ganguehich311)

What else does scalvage mean?

  • To save very poor scores on a golf hole by hitting a great shot (in Community Dictionary, added by Paloma Arroyo)
  • You can salvage trash and other items to make it useful again. A new purpose is one that’s different from the original. For example, a chair can be used as shelving, artwork or a pallet can become a fence or gate. (in Community Dictionary, added by Acacio Velasco)
  • Scavenge + salvage– scalvage. This is a way to find products that can be used for both. It’s a fregan concept, but my father who was capitalist engaged in it. My dad used to scavenge all sorts of crafts materials from industrial sites close to our home for many years. These included carpet samples and pieces of wooden molding, formica, and vinyl samples. His father would often find used chairs and restore them …., so that I could do the same. Your finds can be used to make crafts or furniture. (in Community Dictionary, added by Aaliyah Wiggins)
  • The term Scalvage comes from the combination of’salvage and’scavange’. Scalvage has no purpose. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kiara George)
  • Word can be described as a mixture of salvage and scavenge, for those who are both. (in Community Dictionary, added by Wendy Brock)