satyr means: This was the original pimp crew. These were Dionysus’ pimp crew. (in Community Dictionary, added by Brianna Shaw)

What else does satyr mean?

  • Gay man with hairy legs and little or no hair on the upper part of his body. Also see faun. Satyrs are known for having facial hair, beards and goatees. Fauns have a clean, straight shave. (in Community Dictionary, added by Julianne Weber)
  • Satyrs are creatures that looked similar to men but also had the feet and hooves of goats. You could best describe them as goat-men. They were often accompanied by Dionysus Bacchus, who they helped to pour his wine and play music with their flutes. Silenus was said to be the oldest Satyr and to have taught Dionysus. Pan was a son and daughter of Hermes, and a Nymph. He is one of the most well-known Satyrs. He was both the protector of shepherds and the god of green grass. Dionysus is often worshipped. (in Community Dictionary, added by Frida Wall)
  • The woodland creature is depicted with the short ears and legs of a goat, as well as a love for wild revelry. (in AZ Dictionary)
  • Satyriasis is a condition that affects satyriasis. (in AZ Dictionary)
  • All satyrid butterflies with brownish wings and eyespots. (in AZ Dictionary)