Sandy Koufax means: A Jew is one of the greatest players in baseball. Three-time Cy Young Award winner. He also won the pitching Triple Crown and World Series MVP1963-1965. In 1963, he was named National League MVP. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jaylan Sawyer)

What else does Sandy Koufax mean?

  • A male approaching the end of his rear-entry doggy fashion, pulls out and cums with his left hand. He then says, in an announcer voice, “now pitching Sandy Koufax.” If you are straight, the male will be the female. This move does not discriminate against homosexuals. It is 2008 and she is surprised to find a full face of cum in her face. Jewish people have a higher credibility when making this move. Sandy Koufax is a Hall of Fame pitcher. Yes, he could be left-handed and was Jewish. This is very similar in appearance to the Spiderman, but with a slightly different delivery. It also looks like the many others that begin from the back and end in a surprise receiver holding cum in their faces. The right-handed version of the move is the Tom Seaver. Seaver was also a Hall of Fame pitcher. This move, however, isn’t demeaning, and can even be funny for both the parties. Okay, it might be a bit demeaning. (in Community Dictionary, added by Cindy Whitaker)
  • The greatest lefty pitcher ever, played in the 1960s for Los Angeles Dodgers. Snoop Dogg’s sperm count is less than his career ERA. (in Community Dictionary, added by Charlie Willis)