sandile means: Vaporeon has the highest compatibility with humans in terms of breeding male and female Pokemon. They are 63.9 pounds and average 3’03’ tall. This means that they are large enough to deal with human dicks. Because their biology is mostly water-based, I have no doubt that an aroused Vaporeon will be extremely wet. You could easily have hours of sex without feeling sore. You can learn moves like Attract and Baby-Doll eyes. They also have the ability to Charm, Tail Whip, Captivate, Charm, and Tail Whip. They can recover quickly from fatigue by using their Water Absorb ability and Hydration. This level of compatibility is unmatched by any other Pokemon. Fun fact: Vaporeon can turn white if they are pulled out sufficiently. The Vaporeon was designed for humans. It has an ungodly defense stat, high HP pool and Acid armor so it can handle cock of all sizes. (in Community Dictionary, added by Russell Bowman)

What else does sandile mean?

  • An adjective that means awesome. A term that describes an African man who is charming and highly desired by his opposite sex. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ari Campbell)